April 27, 2022

Did you know that TMJ related headaches account to 21% of chronic headaches and often go misdiagnosed?

Here at Peach Smiles, Lawrenceville Dental Office doctors have specific extensive training in recognizing these disorders and can help our patients get help. Dentistry goes beyond just the teeth and at our dental office we want our patients to get comprehensive care and help with many disorders that can otherwise go undiagnosed.

What is TMD?

Tempero Mandibular Disorders or TMD refers to disorders related to the TMJ.

TMD can cause the following symptoms among many,

  1. Headaches
  2. Pain when chewing, sometimes constant pain even at rest
  3. Grinding teeth leading to worn out teeth and toothache
  4. Neck and Shoulder stiffness
  5. Clicking, Popping, Locking jaws

Sounds familiar? Often times, only the symptoms are treated to alleviate pain and give relief  temporarily.

How can your local dentist at Peach Smiles help you?

  1. We do an in depth evaluation using X Rays and clinical exam to determine the cause.
  2. Help with Oral Appliances to help not only treat the pain but also gently reposition malaligned jaws for long term relief.
  3. Teach you stretches of targeted muscles that help relax muscle tension caused by TMD issues.
  4. Pain relief using multiple methods including trigger point injections, Botox and other modalities.
  5. Meticulous follow up to help with continued long term care.

Ask us about how we can help you get relief from constant pain and get rid of chronic debilitating TMD and headache problems. Please call our Lawrenceville Dental Office at 770-609-6620 or visit our website

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