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Full Mouth Exam

Annual dental visits and physicals are important for a healthy life. Both of these visits go hand in hand.

As a dentist, knowing the medical history helps choose the appropriate treatment plan. Similarly, physicians collect information on any dental procedures, that the patient may have undergone, plays a role in monitoring your overall health.

In a dental exam, our staff will observe aspects of your face and oral cavity for any pathological anomalies. The goal of the exams is to access the health of the mouth in order to develop an effective treatment plan that meets patient’s satisfaction, expectations and most of all, the best oral health outcome.

During the appointment we will:

Check your medical history

  • Medications you may be on
  • Any prior surgeries you have undergone
  • Any underlying systemic disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease or other conditions
  • Any family history of diseases
  • If patient smokes or drinks
  • Allergic reactions to latex, anesthesia, certain metals or medication

Check your dental history and health

  • Record previous treatments and their current status
  • Assess your face and jaw structure
  • Visually notice any swelling or inflammation
  • Make sure the lips are lesion free and sound
  • Look for any suspicious lesions on the tongue, gums and palate
  • Inspect every tooth and record any:
    • missing teeth, crowding or impacted teeth, cavities, oral cancer, periodontal disease, strength of existing restorations, presence of composite or amalgam fillings, or damaged teeth
    • In regard to periodontal health, the dentist or dental hygienist will conduct probing, which measures the pocket depth that indicate gingival health. During probing, if bleeding occurs, gingivitis is detected.

Take necessary records for more information

  • X-rays are needed for further examine the arch structures and dentition
    • Most common are panoramic (for a visual of bone and teeth), bite wing (for molars and premolars), and periapical (for roots and surrounding structures)
    • The x-rays can show periodontal health by accessing the bone level. When the bone level decreases horizontally or vertically, it is indicative of chronic periodontitis.
    • They aid in determining infections, cysts or proximity to any critical anatomical structures by looking at the root tip in periapical x-rays.
  • Taking profile picture and intraoral picture
    • Helps in identifying structural anomalies and for treatment planning
  • Impressions will be taking for cases requiring study models and further information about the anatomy for treatment planning.

Oral Hygiene Instructions given

  • We will give patients instructions regarding maintenance of oral health.
    • Brush twice a day, floss every day, use mouthwash
    • Reduce sugary food intake, use of tobacco and alcohol
    • Attend regular cleanings- every six months or two to three months in periodontal disease cases
    • If any antibiotics need to be taken, we will advise on how and when to take them.
    • For night grinding associated to stress, we recommend finding means of decreasing the stress. Additionally, a custom mouth guard can be made for you.
  • Depending on your oral health and condition, we will recommend seeing certain specialists, such as oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists or endodontists.

Following the examination

  • To help encourage with motivation, a bag of goodies will be given including brushes, floss, tongue cleaners and toothpaste.

At Peach Smiles, we follow The American Dental Association recommendation of visiting dentist every six months to make sure the teeth are healthy and the smile is beautiful.

If you are looking for a dentist in Lawrenceville, Peach Smiles can help you achieve a smile that lasts lifetime.

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