Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

Helping Kids Smile With Our Lawrenceville Children’s Dentist

A child’s smile is a critical part of their development, as the health of baby teeth affects the health of adult teeth when they erupt. However, the structure of baby teeth and the fact that children are still learning their oral hygiene habits makes keeping these teeth healthy difficult.

Our dentists treat the smiles of children. While some children will need to see a pediatric dentist, coming to our practice when you have a choice can help you save your family some time and money. Peach Smiles provides affordable children’s dental treatments and exams to patients in Lawrenceville, Duluth, Lilburn, and the surrounding communities.

Protecting the Smile of a Child

As part of their exams and cleanings, our dentists can give children fluoride treatments and sealants to prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride treatments strengthen the teeth by mineralizing the enamel. This toughened enamel is more resistant to the bacterial acids which cause tooth decay. On the other hand, sealants prevent food debris from being trapped onto the tooth they cover; trapped food feeds oral bacteria and leads to tooth decay. These sealants are thin plastic sheaths which are placed onto a child’s tooth, completely covering the folds and preventing food from sticking to the tooth.

Restoring the Smile

If a baby molar needs to be restored after experiencing decay, our dentists can place stainless steel crowns. These crowns can protect a child’s tooth until it naturally leaves the mouth to make room for an adult tooth. While all of our treatments are affordable, stainless steel crowns are even more inexpensive than other treatments.

Baby teeth have a thinner enamel than adult teeth, so an infection of the tooth pulp is a common problem children can face. Peach Smiles can provide pulpotomies in these situations. Whereas root canal therapy—the treatment used for adult teeth—fully removes the pulp to stop all further infection, a pulpotomy only removes the infected portion of the pulp and tries to save the rest. Because baby teeth only need to survive until adult teeth erupt, the limited scope of the pulpotomy keeps the tooth healthy without costly overtreatment.

Nitrous for Your Child’s Comfort

In order to give your children a positive dental experience, we provide nitrous oxide during certain procedures. This inhalant creates the relaxed sensation necessary for a patient’s relaxation, but it is processed quickly enough by the body that negative side effects in children are rare. While most forms of sedation used for adults can be too strong for children, nitrous oxide is very safe to use.

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