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White Fillings

Treating Cavities affordably in Lawrenceville, Ga.

Peach Smiles offers white fillings also known as composite fillings in our Lawrenceville dental office to repair the teeth affected by Decay, Fracture, Stains or cosmetic purposes.

We offer White fillings because they look very natural compared to the metal fillings also called as amalgam fillings. So now with our white fillings you can smile and laugh with friends and family without worrying about the looks of your teeth.

Peach Smiles is an affordable cosmetic dental practice in Lawrenceville offers white dental fillings an affordable price. We would like to explain about the white dental fillings and frequently asked questions about the white fillings below.

  • Q: What is a White Filling?
  • A: A white dental filling is made of a material called composite resin. The resin filling or the composite filling bonds with the tooth structure.

    There are other dental fillings which are tooth colored used to repair the teeth includes porcelain and glass ionomer.

  • Q: What is the procedure of a White Dental Filling?
  • A:

    • First decay is removed
    • Then clean the tooth
    • Etched with an acid to make pores
    • Bond applied for adhesion
    • Filled with composite material in layers
    • Harden the filling by special light
    • Finished and Polished
  • Q: What are the advantages of a White Filling?
  • A:

    • Cosmetic treatment: we can match the shade of the tooth
    • Repairs fractured or broken tooth
    • Bonds to the tooth chemically
    • No extra tooth removed
  • Q: What are the disadvantages of Composite fillings?
  • A:

    • Durability is less than silver fillings
    • Time consuming than silver filling as it is technique sensitive and the number of procedures involved.
    • Strength is less compared to silver fillings and it can chip or fracture.
    • Expensive than silver filling. But Peach Smiles offers 30-40% off regular price for the white fillings.
  • Q: How long does White fillings last?
  • A: A white filling on average last about 5-10 years but if done properly and maintained properly, it can last more than a decade.

  • Q: Do White Fillings cause sensitivity?
  • A: Tooth sensitivity is fairly common after the placement of a white filling. But sensitivity resolves in a few weeks and until then avoid things which cause sensitivity.

  • Q: Does white fillings cause pain?
  • A: A white filling can cause sensitivity, which is normal. But if the white filling is causing pain after placement, contact the Lawrenceville dentist at Peach Smiles to see the possibility of a root canal treatment.

    Sometimes pain can be caused when the filling is left high, if it is high please see our dentist to get it reshaped.

  • Q: Does dental insurance cover my white fillings?
  • A: Dental insurance companies cover the cost of white fillings but some plans cover only a portion of it. Please contact our insurance coordinator at Peach Smiles to explain your dental benefits.

  • Q: Are the white fillings expensive for the patients without dental insurance?
  • A: At Peach Smiles, patients save at least 30-40% off the regular prices.

  • Q: How to take care of white fillings?
  • A: The care of a white filling is nothing different than a regular tooth. So good oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing and mouthwash are necessary and see our dentists at Peach Smiles for regular check ups.

  • Q: A white filling is safer than a silver filling?
  • A: “Safety of Silver Fillings”

    White fillings are very safe but the silver fillings got a bad reputation due to concern of mercury toxicity.

    At Peach Smiles, we don’t offer silver fillings but we don’t recommend a healthy and intact looking silver fillings to be removed.

    We believe that silver fillings are safe when they are stable.

    We always keep our self up to date with the research, so far there is no scientific evidence to back up the claim about the silver fillings.

For more information about our affordable dental practice and to schedule an appointment with our caring dentists at Peach Smiles, please call us at 770-609-6620 or fill out the contact us form.

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