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Complete Dentures

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Dentures are plastic or metal custom-made substitutes of missing teeth. Reestablishing a proper bite, functionality and esthetics are provided by the denture.

The dentures have a color mirroring the gums and porcelain teeth. The appearance of dentures mimics natural dentition. Patients will be the only ones that know they have dentures.

Dentures generally come in two types Complete Denture and Partial Dentures. Peach Smiles offers both complete dentures and partial dentures at an affordable price.

Complete Dentures

When the entire arch is missing teeth, complete dentures are fabricated.


  • Primary impression – the purpose is to replicate the anatomical structures in the arch and capture the extent of the denture border
  • Secondary impression – Taken for more information about the arch anatomy. With a special custom impression tray, the dentist moves the patient’s cheeks and lips along with having the patient smile, pucker their lips, and stick out their tongue to get a detailed impression
  • Upon receiving the denture base with a wax block from the lab, important measurements are taken based on the jaw movement and natural bite. The dentist at Peach Smiles will mark line on the wax block, such as midline, canine, and smile lines will be drawn for teeth placement. At this time, the dentist and patient choose the teeth color.
  • The lab will then place the porcelain teeth into the wax block.
  • Once the dentist receives the denture with the teeth, the fit, teeth color, and patient comfort are observed by the dentist. As long as the patient and dentist are satisfied, the lab will fabricate and process the final denture.
  • Delivery and at home instructions

Note: Implant supported dentures are also an option. Two or more implants are placed in areas with adequate bone support. The denture fits onto the implants. Even with the lengthy process and high price range, these dentures offer a lifelong strength and stability.

Partial Dentures

In cases where some teeth exist, partial dentures are placed around the teeth. Depending on the strength, cost, and flexibility, several types of partial dentures exist. The base framework can be made of cast metal, such as cobalt chromium or acrylic. Peach Smiles affordable partial dentures including the flexible partials.


  • Impression of both upper and lower arches are made for study models, to analyze how to design the partial denture.
  • Primary impression- The material used is different than total denture in order to accurately replicate the teeth and anatomical structures. From this impression a custom tray for the secondary impression is made. This tray is strictly made for the patient.
  • Secondary impression- With the special custom tray, this impression replicates the anatomical structures and helps the lab know where to place claps, on the existing natural teeth.
  • The dentist will receive the wax denture try-in, making sure the denture properly adapts to the gums. The color selection is chosen based on the adjacent teeth.
  • Next, the fit of the denture and clasps are checked by asking the patient to say certain words. This helps identify if adjustments need to be made. Once the patient and dentist are satisfied with the denture, the lab will finalize and process the denture.
  • Denture delivery and at home instructions.

Note: In case a metal base is selected over acrylic, a metal framework try-in occurs before the wax denture try-in.

Immediate Dentures

In cases when patients need extractions, these types of dentures are possible. Immediate dentures are created in relation to the patient’s arch structure. The procedure essentially follows total dentures. The patient receives their final denture on the same day as the extractions. In the following six months, the dentures will need to be relined, due to gum shrinkage at the site of the extractions.

Flexi dentures/ Valplast Partial Dentures

A unique, innovative new denture developed to be metal free, aesthetic dentures offering stability and flexible gum colored clasps that adapt to the adjacent teeth.

Use: Best for single missing teeth in posterior region, allergy to metal or acrylic, or oral musculature is compromised

Advantages: Easy to adapt, thinner than acrylic, comfortable, precise close fit

Disadvantages: More expensive, cannot make changes, special cleaning techniques

Post-operative instructions for Dentures

  • Every night, place the dentures in a cleaning solution or tablets in water that will remove the bacteria and foreign substances
  • It is important to take the dentures out and store them in a container every night. The underlying areas of dentures are key breeding grounds for bacteria leading to dental and periodontal disease and bad breath.
  • After eating, remove your dentures and rinse them under water.
  • Brush your dentures once a day with dish or anti-bacterial soap
  • Be sure to clean your tongue and gums to remove unnecessary bacteria with a damp towel, a soft bristled brush, or a tongue cleaner.
  • The dentures will take a few days to adjust to so do not be alarmed of some awkwardness
  • If any pain, irritation, or soreness occurs on the gums please see our office as we will help readjust the dentures at the trouble areas.
  • Over some time, your arch will slowly begin to resorb, therefore the need to reline the dentures will be necessary. This process will make the dentures fit more snug and tightly.

Peach Smiles offers affordable dentures at our office. We use a local lab in Georgia. Please call us at 770-609-6620 for an appointment.

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