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Effective dentistry at affordable prices has always been the goal of our dental practice. However, even with our fixed prices that make dentistry affordable for most patients, there are patients who still worry about affording their dental care because they may not have insurance coverage. In order to make sure everyone gets the dental care they need, we have a special plan available for uninsured patients. Peach Smiles offers affordable membership plans for its patients in Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Duluth, and the surrounding communities.

How Does The Plan Work?

Membership opportunities to our benefits plans are exclusive to uninsured patients only, as insurance coverage combined with the stable price of our services makes dentistry affordable in all circumstances. We offer two plans: a monthly package which costs $9 a month per person on the plan, and a yearly package which costs $99 a year per person.

By meeting these simple requirements, you gain access to the many services our Lawrenceville dentists have to offer. In fact, when compared against the benefits of many insurance plans, our membership plan tends to provide more benefits for a lower cost.

Benefits of Our Membership Plan

Our membership plan makes prices for our services much lower for members, allowing you to avoid the complications that go along with insurance coverage. Depending upon the service provided, you can expect the price to drop by thirty to forty percent. When you factor in the steady pricing we already provide to all clients, this membership plan makes dentistry affordable for patients who do not have dental insurance for any reason.

These benefits can also be used as often as needed without limitation on both plans. Patients who need to visit our Lawrenceville dentists more frequently for advanced treatment—such as with periodontitis—can use their membership plan each visit.

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The Peach Smiles Membership plan is a reliable path to receiving affordable, quality dental care without worrying about insurance coverage. If you would like to find out more about our membership plan, or the services this plan helps you receive, contact Peach Smiles Today! Our practice serves the dental needs of Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Duluth, and all communities nearby.

Peach Smiles Membership is not an insurance.

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