June 7, 2020

Peach Smiles is the dental office in Lawrenceville who does Quality dental crowns at Affordable prices.


A dental crown is a type of covering like a cap which is in the shape of a tooth. The main purpose of a dental crown is to strengthen the tooth or improve its shape.

Dental crowns mimic the shape, size, translucency of a natural tooth while fully covering the tooth. Essentially it forms the tooth’s outer covering and hence the name “DENTAL CAP”.

A dental crown will FIT and FEEL like a natural tooth.


The reasons for a need of dental crown can be many but here are some most common reasons.

  1. Broken or damaged or cracked or worn tooth
  2. Root canal treatment tooth
  3. Placed over a dental implant
  4. Can be a part of a Bridge
  5. Cosmetic reasons for shape and size


A dental crown in Peach Smiles is done in two visits.

First Visit:

  1. A temporary impression of the existing tooth is taken.
  2. Our dentist will numb the area very gently.
  3. Prepare the tooth by reducing its size just enough for the crown material.
  4. An impression is taken and sent to a local Georgia lab.
  5. A temporary crown is made and cemented on the tooth for two weeks

Second Visit:

  1. Temporary crown is removed.
  2. Tooth is cleaned off any temporary cement.
  3. Permanent crown is cemented with permanent cement.
  4. Any necessary adjustment if needed will be done.
  5. Our dentist will make sure that the crown fits all round correctly.


The material used to make the crown varies depending on the tooth position in the mouth or strength needed or for function of the tooth.

  1. METAL CROWN: Made with metal only and this material is rarely used now a days
  2. PORCELAIN WITH METAL: This is the most commonly used crown until recently. Made with metal inside for strength and Porcelain outside for esthetics.
  3. ALL CERAMIC: Made with only porcelain. Excellent for cosmetics but bad for strength. Used mainly for front teeth.
  4. ZIRCONIA: Most commonly used crowns now a days. Made with a very strong esthetic material and has porcelain coating on top.

Our dentists at Peach Smiles will evaluate the tooth and will advise what’s the best crown material.


  1. Eat soft food on the side where crown is made.
  2. Don’t eat Hard or Sticky Foods on that side.
  3. Floss gently and sliding from side and not pulling up.
  4. Slight discomfort is expected.
  5. Call Peach Smiles if any questions.


We at Peach Smiles are in network with most insurances. Please call us and our Insurance coordinator will explain your benefits. Generally Insurance covers half of the cost of the dental crown. The approximate cost with dental Insurance is about $350- $500.

REMEMBER, you get the best possible price for a dental crown at Peach Smiles.


Peach Smiles is the affordable Lawrenceville dentist and we have a special price for dental crowns and a savings in $100’s of dollars. Please check our specials page for more savings. Also learn more about our Peach Smiles Savings Plan.

NOTE: We don’t charge any LAB fees

NOTE: We don’t charge any other charges for the procedure


The cost of the dental crown varies depending on the material used. At Peach Smiles, you save if you have insurance or no insurance.

On Average a dental crown without insurance costs around $1000 – $1200. With Insurance covering at 50% would be around $500 and the patients at Peach Smiles get that for about $699- $799.

The most affordable dental crowns in Lawrenceville are made by Peach Smiles. Call us to schedule a consult with our doctors.


  • Q: Where can I get a dental crown in Lawrenceville?
  • A: Permanent, natural looking crowns are made by Peach Smiles Dentist in Lawrenceville,GA. If you are looking a dental crown dentist, just call us.

  • Q: How long does a dental crown last?
  • A: Typically a dental crown replacement is about 5 years but proper care and Oral hygiene can make crowns last decades.

  • Q: My temporary crown looks great, can I wait to get the permanent crown?
  • A: A temporary crown is made to last only temporarily and the cement used is a temporary cement. So a permanent crown needs to be placed immediately.

  • Q: How does my crown look like?
  • A: The crowns made at Peach Smiles are very natural looking and matches the adjacent teeth in size, shape and strength.

  • Q: Does a dental crown cause pain?
  • A: A dental crown procedure doesn’t hurt as the tooth is anesthetized before the procedure. Other than soreness and minor discomfort, no pain should be expected.

  • Q: What is a Build up before a crown?
  • A: Generally a buildup is done after root canal treatment. Build up is a filling to build the tooth back into its original size and shape. A build up is needed to strengthen the tooth and for retention of the crown.

    NOTE: There is a separate charge for build up if necessary.

  • Q: Where is your crown dental lab?
  • A: Peach smiles proudly uses a local lab in Georgia and in Gwinnett County.

  • Q: Where can I get an Affordable Dental Crown?
  • A: Peach Smiles offers Affordable Dental Crowns which are not compromised in esthetics, Quality or Strength.

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