September is a Great Time for a Dental Crown!

September 5, 2017

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Do you have a problem tooth that has been causing you trouble? A toothache that comes and goes, or is exacerbated by extreme temperatures is a good indicator you may have a damaged tooth.  

There are many ways to damage a tooth. Biting down on a popcorn kernel or a bit of nutshell can easily break a tooth. Cracks can be caused by tooth grinding (bruxism). Cavities are always a threat to healthy teeth, no matter how well you brush and floss your teeth. Maybe you are just getting older, and years of wear and tear are finally adding up. This is not uncommon, since, as we age, tooth enamel naturally becomes more brittle and makes our teeth more susceptible to damage and decay.

No matter what the cause of a damaged tooth, a great way to restore its function and protect it from further damage is with a dental crown. At Lake Lanier Smiles, we are currently offering a special on crowns, allowing you to benefit from this treatment at a greatly reduced price.

What is a Crown (Family Dentist)?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that cover and protect damaged teeth, while giving you back a sturdy chewing surface. They are made to look and feel like your natural teeth, with the added benefit that they are more resistant to damage and decay.

They are the ideal way to stop a toothache from a broken or cracked tooth, or restore a tooth that’s developed a cavity. With a crown, your tooth will be shielded from further damage and less likely to be lost in the future. No one wants to lose their natural teeth; a crown can help you hold on to a damaged tooth for years to come.

A crown from a family dentist, like Lake Lanier Smile, is custom made in a dental laboratory to fit into your mouth the same way as your natural tooth. It should not feel bigger or awkward in any way, and should reduce any pain your impaired tooth has caused to you in the past.

What are Crowns Made From?

Dental crowns are made from either metal, dental porcelain, or a combination of the two materials. While porcelain may not sound like a very strong material, dental porcelain is a technologically enhanced form of ceramic that is different from the fragile porcelain used to make plates and cups. Dental ceramic is at least as strong as natural tooth enamel, often more so.

One of the benefits of dental ceramic is that it has the same translucency as tooth enamel, so crowns always look natural and don’t stand out from the rest of your teeth.

How Do I Get a Crown?

Getting a tooth crowned requires two short visits to our Buford, GA office. At the first visit, we will treat the affected tooth by removing some of the damaged enamel. This helps create a smooth, rounded surface for the crown to bond with. We take dental impressions before and after the tooth is treated. These impressions are then sent to the dental lab where your crown will be custom-crafted to fit into your mouth.

After the tooth is treated, we will place a temporary crown on it, to protect it and prevent discomfort while we wait for your crown to be made. Be gentle with the temporary crown, as it is not made for permanent use. Avoid any hard or sticky foods that may displace it, and call us immediately if it comes off before your crown is ready.

At the second appointment, approximately two weeks later, we will permanently bond your crown to the tooth. The official life-span of a dental crown is considered a minimum of five years, but with care and proper maintenance, crowns can last 15 years or more.

How to Care for Your Crown

There are three steps you can take to get the maximum number of years out of your dental crown:

  • Practice good oral hygiene: brush twice a day for two minutes each time, and floss once daily

  • Visit Lake Lanier Smiles every six months for dental exams and cleanings

  • Avoid very hard foods that may stress the crown, such as whole almonds, hard candy, and chewing hard objects, such as pens.

Call us at 770-831-0559 to learn more about a dental crown (family dentist). From now until September 30th we are offering crowns for only $699-799, with no additional lab fees. Take care of your problem tooth now and save hundreds of dollars!

Request an appointment online with Lake Lanier Smiles, your affordable Buford, GA family dentist!

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