Pulpotomy/Stainless Steel Crown

June 6, 2020

When the decay is extensive, it is necessary to do pulp therapy with a bio-compatible medicinal filling to preserve the integrity of the tooth . This helps to save the tooth and maintain it in the necessary position until the adult tooth is ready to come in.

Pulp treatment with white filling/white crown for the front teeth and pulp treatment with a stainless steel crown for the back tooth is usually the treatment of choice in cases of extensive decay of baby teeth.


  • After we explain and show the child what to expect, topical anesthesia aka “spicy jelly” is placed at the appropriate area.
  • The tooth will be numbed using “sleepy juice”
  • Once the tooth is numb, we quickly clean all the decay and clean the pulp chamber of the tooth.
  • A medicinal filling is placed in the chamber after ensuring it is clean.
  • The tooth will be shaped and a stainless steel crown which fits best will be selected.
  • Crown will be placed and patient will be asked to bite on a bite block to ensure proper fit.
  • Excess cement will be removed. Tooth is then washed and flossed


Do not chew or eat for 2-2.5 hrs or until numbing wears off.

A little discomfort is to be expected. OTC pain medication can help with the discomfort.

Very important to keep the crowns clean by brushing close to the gumline and also flossing regularly.

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