Child’s First Dental Visit

June 6, 2020

First dental visit – When is a good time?

We recommend your kids first dental visit to be around their first birthday. Starting early helps to familiarize children to dental visits and will help them be more comfortable in dental office settings in future. Periodic exams at an early stage is the key to maintain good oral health throughout their lives.

Preparing for the dental visit

If it is your child’s first time in a dental office or in our office we want to make sure that they have a great positive experience. It will be helpful if you can explain to the child as what to expect in a positive way. Please do not use words like pain, shots or needles . Our doctors and staff are trained to tell your child what to expect in non threatening ways using other substitute words.

We recommend making early appointments in the day for kids under 6 as they are less tired and more alert. We will do our best to make sure our little patients have a positive experience at our clinic.

What do you do to make my child’s dental visit smooth?

At Peach Smiles we always encourage parents to be in the treatment room to reassure the kids. We believe in “ tell, show, do “ method where we take time to explain in detail and show our little patients the instruments we use and make sure they are comfortable before we start any procedure. We also offer Nitrous sedation to make children more relaxed if needed.

What should I expect during their exam/first dental visit?

Kids under 3 years

We will address all the issues and questions you have about their oral health. Our doctor will perform a thorough oral exam while your child sits on your lap to make it easier for them. We will review dietary habits, any habits and review the growth of bones and teeth. We will go over brushing techniques. We will also discuss treatment options if the child needs any future treatment.

Kids over 3 years of age.

I addition to the above mentioned procedures we will also try to do any necessary xrays to evaluate the teeth eruption and decay. The kids will also get cleanings using “ a tickle brush”. We will educate them on good oral habits and brushing techniques using fun teeth models and educational aids. We will make sure that they have a wonderful experience at our office.

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