General Dentistry

June 6, 2020

General Dentistry From Our Lawrenceville Dentist

Gingivitis and cavities seem like minor dental issues because they occur so often, but these can lead to serious dental health problems if left untreated. Drs. Sangeetha Asokan, James Finot, and Praveen Gudipati are all able to treat these common dental ailments at a low price. Peach Smiles provides affordable general dentistry services to the people of Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Duluth, and the surrounding communities.

Gum Disease Care

Gum disease begins with oral bacteria joining together into a sticky film called plaque. Plaque calcifies into tartar when not brushed away, which only a dental professional could remove. Both plaque and tartar irritate the gums and wear them down, increase the risk for loss of teeth and other dental and general health hazards.

Part of the services we provide for our patients includes treating the health of gums. We carefully examine your gums for signs of infection. If gum disease or plaque, which can lead to gum disease, are present, our dentists can provide traditional scaling and root planing treatments at our Lawrenceville dental practice.

Restorative Dentistry

Despite best efforts, tooth decay and damage can still occur in the smile. Cavities and cracks leave the affected tooth unable to last within the smile. Not only is the damaged tooth exposed to further decay, but it is also left too structurally weakened to effectively chew food without causing pain. Depending upon how severe the decay or damage is, the tooth may need to be restored or extracted and replaced.

Peach Smiles offers several restorative options in the event of damaged or lost teeth. Composite dental fillings and porcelain crowns help rebuild the structure of a tooth which has suffered mild to moderate decay, respectively; these crowns are also placed at the end of a root canal treatment. If a tooth has to be extracted, porcelain bridges and partial or full dentures can be added to the smile to replace them. Additionally, we offer restorations like porcelain veneers for purely cosmetic needs as well.

Affordable Care

Each of these general dental services are provided at an affordable price. Peach Smiles offers its dental services for a low cost because our doctors believe dentistry is for everyone. Even the uninsured can gain the benefits of these services by signing up for our membership plan.

Contact Us for General Dental Care

Peach Smiles provides affordable general dental care to patients in Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Duluth, and the surrounding communities. For more information on how we can help your smile be healthy once again, call our practice and schedule an appointment with Dr. Asokan, Finot, or Gudipati today!

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