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Wisdom Tooth Extraction





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5 Main Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Removal

1. INFECTION: Gum tissue around the wisdom tooth can get infected causing pain and swelling.

2. DAMAGE TO THE FRONT TOOTH: Due to insufficient space, food gets lodged and it gets harder to clean. This causes decay and gum disease to the adjacent tooth.

3. ORAL HYGIENE PROBLEM: Due to the far position of the wisdom tooth, keeping it is a challenge and it's removal makes Oral Hygiene easy.

4. CYST FORMATION: A balloon like cavity forms around the wisdom tooth needs immediate removal.

5. CROWDING: Sometimes wisdom tooth may cause crowding of the front teeth.




1. What is Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

It is a wisdom tooth stuck under the gum and unable to erupt and it needs removal. They can be of different types based on the position of the wisdom tooth.

2. How does Impacted wisdom tooth gets removed by Oral Surgeon?

Just like any tooth extraction, first X-rays are taken and evaluated. Then profoundly numbed and removed by surgical instruments safely. 

3. What is the wisdom tooth extraction cost?

Our office provides wisdom teeth extractions at a great price you can afford. We offer $100-$300 off regular price. That's a 30-40% off regular price or it is 50% off of Oral Surgeon Fee.

4. Do you provide affordable wisdom tooth extraction!

 Our Wisdom teeth removal cost is very affordable. Also we offer in-house financing with payment plans.

5. What is the average cost of wisdom tooth removal?

On average a tooth removal would cost about $200-$400, but a wisdom tooth removal would cost even higher up to $600. But don't worry, we can offer a great price for all extractions including wisdom teeth. Please call Now at 770-637-1041


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